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Who we are

Together we are improving social work education in Suffolk and Norfolk

The Suffolk and Norfolk Social Work Teaching Partnership was formed in 2017 with funding from the Department for Education as part of its social work teaching partnership initiative.

This initiative aims to create local teaching partnerships, matching universities with councils to deliver high quality training for social workers.

Social Work Teaching Partnerships are defined as an accredited collaborations between Higher Education Institutions and employers which delivers high quality training for social work students and qualified practitioners and equips them to practise to specified standards in statutory settings.

This growing network of partnerships and the funding of the programme by the Department for Education, marks a long-term commitment to academic rigour and ensures practice is at the heart of all that we do.

We are working hard to raise standards, give students the best placement experience and support our frontline staff. We want to retain and harness the talent that we have in our workforce.

Social workers play  an important role in the community and contribute to the wellbeing of society. We want to promote the profession and highlight the work that social workers do.

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