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Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays

As we head towards 2022, we wanted to look back and show our appreciation for all the partners’ hard work and commitment to the Suffolk and Norfolk Social Work Teaching Partnership this year.

We thank them for their dedicated work as part of our partnership and appreciate how this has been doubly difficult as they balance this with their own organisations’ operational demands during the pandemic.

All partners  have continued to contribute to the activities and work streams which keep the partnership going.

As well as attending all the partnership meetings to ensure good governance, the partners have worked together to raise awareness and celebrate World Social Work Day in March, organised and arranged practice education hubs and conferences, supported students on their placements and continued to run the student hubs.

The partnership has welcomed a new member, City College Norwich, and we look forward to working closely with our new colleagues and their apprentices.

The lived experience community continues to thrive, grow and attract new members. Social Work Voices members at the University of Suffolk have taken part in multiple webinars raising the profile of our lived experience community and their expertise.

The podcasting strategy has been successfully rolled-out and a big thank you to our co-producer from Social Work Voices. The 18 people from across the partnership who attended the training sessions, will soon embark on making their own podcasts with the new podcasting equipment we purchased and monthly podcasting group meetings are scheduled for 2022. 

The partnership’s website has also benefited from coproduction with our lived experience members. They run the editorial meetings throughout the year and produce web and podcasting content.

Our colleagues at the Department for Education have continued to support us as a partnership. We have met regularly with our teaching partnership colleagues in the network and hosted many virtual meetings throughout this year.

These are some of the highlights of the partnership and there are many more which we will cover on the news update on this new partnership website and all our social media platforms. Please check in and visit us as we love hearing from you.

A happy holiday and best wishes for the New Year, from all of us, to you.